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Hand-made Zapotec wool rugs and wall hangings imported from Oaxaca, Mexico

Our Zapotec Rugs
  Each rug is hand-dyed and hand-loomed by a
Zapotec weaver - a Zapotec weaving tradition
that goes back five hundred years.

  We carry a broad range of sizes and designs.
Our designs range from traditional to original
and from simple to intricate. View all rugs created
by one particular weaver or select a size below:

Small Rugs
Medium Rugs

Large Rugs

History and Culture
The weaving tradition in Teotitlan
del Valle goes back to pre-Hispanic

Discover the History and Culture
of the Zapotec Region of the Oaxaca Valley, Mexico

Learn about the Archeological Sites of Monte
, Mitla, and Dainzu. View Geography and
of Oaxaca Valley

Celerina & Friends

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