Rafaela Ruiz Gutierrez
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Francisco Martinez Ruiz
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Juan Carlos Contreras Sosa
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Carmen Perez Lopez
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Fausto Contreras Lazo
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Gervasio Sosa Martinez
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Porfirio Sosa Martinez
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Natural Dye Weaving Cooperatives

Most weavers in Teotitlan del Valle work with both natural and chemical dyes. However, the weavers in this cooperative are dedicated to working only with natural dyes.

The cooperative was formed in 2002 and consists of 16 members. The group was formed as a way to recharge the ancestral technique of weaving with natural dyes. Within the group there is a sharing of ideas, techniques, and discoveries. They encourage each other to express themselves as individuals and as a group.

Working only with natural dyes takes a great deal of commitment. The process of dyeing wool naturally is quite laborious and as a result rugs made with natural dyes are more expensive. The pressure to keep the cost of rugs low pushes many weavers to use chemical dyes.


Weaving Cooperative Members:
Augustin Ruiz Gutiérrez
Carmen Pérez López
Edmundo Benedicto González Gutiérrez
Elena Sosa Ruiz
Fausto Contreras Lazo
Francisco Martinez Ruiz
Gervasio Sosa Martinez
Horacio Mendoza Martinez
Juan Carlos Contreras Sosa
Lorenzo Bautista Bautista
Mariano Sosa Martinez
Pedro Mendoza Gutiérrez
Porfirio Sosa Martinez
Rafaela Ruiz Gutiérrez
Román Gutiérrez Ruiz
Rodrigo Sosa Bautista

View images of the weavers:

Mariano Sosa coloring wool


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