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4 Dyeing

Weaving a Zapotec Rug: "My grandparents made tapetes, yes, and my father made tapetes also. When I was eight years old my father showed me how to make simple tapetes, and when I was twelve I began to make designs.

When my children grew up I taught them how to make tapetes too. Yes, it's like that, nothing more." - Celerina's Uncle

The Weaving Process:
" We begin by measuring the parts, by counting the yarn, so that all the figures come out the same size. We count the yarn, and use a metric tape, so that all the little squares come out the same size. But we really start by tying the yarn, piece by piece to cotton strings attached to the comb of the loom."

Women have only been weaving for the past 15 years. Before then, only men wove. Weaving was considered hard work, and still is. Although today, more women weave than men

Celerina's Uncle

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